Evolving players of economic games

March 24, 2011

These are the different AI strategies I came up with.

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Basic (predetermined):

All in

All out

Alternate every other

Out until specified round

Go in on rounds with number that satisfies function

if-let round satisfies [function] (for example, if round is in Fibonacci sequence)

return 0

return 1


Basic + change strat if certain amount of money lost

Out first round, go in if number of players who went in last round < market limit

Stay out until a certain number of consecutive rounds of unsaturated market

Statistical Analysis:

Predict change in # of in/out by averaging all preceding changes of players

Predict change in # of in/out by using median of preceding changes of players

Determine likelihood of each player going in (independent of round number)

Using Past Games:

Looking for patterns between how individuals play in different games (for example, player 3 always goes in past round 4).

Looking for group patterns (are there certain rounds that consistently have unsaturated markets)


Add errors

“Reverse Psychology” (doing the opposite of one’s hunch because others might think along same lines)

Analysis only sways probability of going in or out

Fully Random

Special Exceptions (add these to occasionally override other processes):


Big loss, more conservative play (and the opposite)

Someone else gets lucky, copy them


“Few people have been going in, I should hop in”


Different forms of analysis available, decides based on all.

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